Build LONDON Live was conceived to show that Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the most efficient way to undertake the design engineering of large multi-stakeholder AEC projects.

The organisers, BIM Products, Asite and AEC3 wanted to show that the advantages of BIM can be attained by using standard off-the-shelf AEC applications, and that the skilled workforce necessary to use them is widely available. BLL2009 demonstrated that interoperability between engineering applications is commonplace and makes it possible for teams of companies consultants to work together on large projects using their chosen software tools.

Although a hypothetical design event, BLL2009 demanded the highest level of collaboration between engineers and designers. More than 150 architects engineers worked together in different countries and time zones. Many languages were spoken on the project and yet with all these constraints, not least of which was the 48 hours allowed, the teams still produced inspiring designs to an unprecedented level of detail and analysis.


The Building Information Models (BIMs) showcased on these pages were created from start to finish over two days in December 2009. They were produced by nine international, multi-discipline teams made up from students, consultants and AEC companies from Chile, Finland, Holland, India, Japan, Singapore, the UK the USA. The teams were competing in Build LONDON Live 2009 and were required to submit schemes in the form of a BIM to form part of the BIM Products Shoebury-Wix Master Plan. As a result BLL2009 may well be the worlds largest BIM.

During BLL2009, software applications from most of the leading AEC BIM developers were put through their paces testing their functionality and interoperability. Whilst many of the applications used were at the `cutting edge` of BIM, they were all standard off-the-shelf applications.

Build LONDON Live showed that interoperability through buildingSmart is routine and robust and that the IFC file format can be the common denominator (for design software) on AEC projects. BLL2009 is proof that IFC allows project owners the freedom to work with the widest range of consultants who use a variety of analysis tools that are built on IFC temporary fencing in Norwalk

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"Our hope is that after reviewing this impressive body of work which was produced in just 48 hours, project owners, developers and construction professionals will realise the advantage that BIM offers and specify it for future projects"

Paul Goodman-Simpson
Build LONDON Live